Your Receptive Tourism In Bahia Since 1985

Why Bahia ?


Welcome To choose Bahia as your tourist destination is to opt for the diversity of its landscape and ecosystems, the beauty of its beaches, the friendliness of its people, for its ecological trails, for its culinary delights, and for the constant theater of its festivals.



Bahia is history, with its colonial villages and suburbs, of which Pelourinho is most well known, an aspect that puts Bahia on the list of major international cultural destinations. .



But Bahia is also modern. In the tourist sector Bahia invests more than any other state in Brazil. Today Brazil offers easy access, with two international airports (Salvador and Porto Seguro), national airports in all large cities and regional airports in almost all tourist destinations (Lenšˇis, Morro de SŃo Paulo, Mara˙, etc.).



Every tourist destination offers a variety of accommodation options, from 5 star hotels to simple pousadas (inns), offering a variety of options and prices. Bahia has one of the best hotel infrastructures in the country, with more than 130,000 beds.