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Maps of Bahia

We put at your disposal in this section some maps of the principal spots of Bahia. To access our maps, click on the chosen destination on the map on the right side. For better viewing the maps can be enlarged and moved with your mouse.



Capital of the state of Bahia and the cradle of African culture in Brazil ... Capital rhythms, flavors, music, party ...


The Bay

1052 km2 and with nearly 40 islands, the Bay of All Saints is the largest in Brazil ...


Coconut Coast

The Coast is composed of more than 200 km of beaches and extends from north of Salvador to the limit of Sergipe state.



Dendé Coast

This coastal area is preserved as an agricultural subsistence or diversity plantations allows a real dive in mond flavors and tropical trees ...



Cacau Cost .

From Itacaré the road crosses a region dominated by the city of Ilheus, birthplace of famous writer Jorge Amado



Discovery Coast This is around the city of Porto Seguro that navigateiurs Portuguese brazil landed in April 1500




Wales Coast

The Whale Coast has a large diversity of landscapes and beaches ...




Chapada Diamantina Located 420 km from Salvador, with an altitude from 800 to 1000 meters ...




Rio Saõ Francisco

Le fleuve São Francisco est un des plus important de l'Amérique Latine..